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2018 BMW X2 Review

In a world of social media, Uber, Airbnb and the Kardashians, it has become clear that the generations of millennials is a market force...

Detroit 2018: BMW X2

BMW's range expansion continues with the new BMW X2 which receives its North American debut this week at the Detroit Motor Show 2018. It...

Paris 2016: BMW X2 Concept

BMW chose the 2016 Paris Motor Show to unveil their BMW X2 Concept. The new compact five-door SUV is to take on competitors such...
BMW X2 confirmed for production

New BMW X2 Crossover Confirmed

A new BMW X2 crossover has been given the go-ahead for production from company bosses in Germany. As the name implies, the car will sit...
BMW X2 confirmed for production

Compact BMW X2 SUV Confirmed for Production

BMW is believed to have given the green light for a new compact crossover dubbed the X2. Designed to sit between the BMW X1...

BMW Registers ‘X2 Sport’ Name

As we speak, BMW is currently developing an all-new crossover dubbed the BMX X2 to rival the likes of the Range Rover Evoque. Now...