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Imola Classics 2013 in Bologna, Italy

Gallery: Imola Classics 2013 in Bologna, Italy

There are few places on earth that give the ancient feeling that the various Italian towns and comunes do. It goes without saying that...

BMW M8 to Celebrate 100 Years of BMW?

It seems that BMW will enter the supercar market afterall! Having stood back and watched Audi's successes with the R8, BMW will now get...

Rumour: BMW Plans Successor to M1 in 2016

According to a report in the German magazine Autobild, BMW is planning a remake of the M1. Four years ago, the Germans demonstrated that...

The Story of 40 Years BMW M ‒ The BMW M1

BMW Motorsports has started well, the BMW 3.0 CSL was very successful in racing, but the aging 'Batmobile' was facing competition from the Porsche...
Video BMW M1 Fitted with AHG Package

Video: BMW M1 Fitted with AHG Package

Our Los Angeles representative Drake Mumford send us this video of BMW M1 fitted with an AHG package. The BMW M1 is a limited...
For Sale 1980 BMW M1 Coupe

For Sale: 1980 BMW M1 Coupe

An owner named Frank from San Diego, USA is selling his 1980 BMW M1. He purchased the M1 in 1985 in stock street trim...

BMW Shelves Audi R8 Rivaling Supercar

During the week, Egmcartech had an interview with BMW of North America’s M-Division Product Manager, Matt Russell. Naturally, high on their list of questions...

BMW Changes Engines In Future M line-up

Rumours about a different engine in the newly developed M3 have finally been confirmed by BMW. The next-generation will be powered by a smaller...