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2012 BMW F13 M6 by iND

2012 BMW F12M M6 by iND on HRE Wheels

During the Christmas break, iND tuning recently finished their latest BMW F12M M6 build with the following blue M6 being fitted with a host...
F13 BMW M6 by G-Power

Official: 2013 BMW F12M M6 by G-Power

Initial details of G-Power's latest offering for the brand new BMW F12M M6 have finally been revealed on the company's Facebook page! The 2013...
BMW F12M M6 Coupe in Frozen Red

BMW F12M M6 Coupe in Frozen Red in Munich BMW Dealership

German BMW dealership Niederlassung M√ľnchen has a special BMW F12M M6 Coupe in their showroom. The Individual Frozen Red Coupe is equipped with the...