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25 Years of BMW 12-Cylinder Engines

BMW May Ditch V12 Engine for Next-Generation 7-Series

BMW may cease production of the V12 powerplant currently found in the 760Li. Rumours suggest that in line with BMW's current downsizing, the 6.0...
25 Years of BMW 12-Cylinder Engines

25 Years of BMW 12-Cylinder Engines

BMW passed a pretty impressive milestone recently. Their 12-cylinder engine program passed into it's 25th year. BMW's second-generation 7 Series, unveiled in 1986, revived...

G-Power 760i Storm

Ever thought that the BMW 760i was lacking in insanity? If you answered yes to that question then G-Power have definitely got something that...

BMW Previews 760i And 760Li

The release of the BMW X6 M was expected. Something you cannot say about the new surprising preview of the 760i and 760Li. Both...