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Video: New BMW 7-Series Gets UK Trailer

On the back of its ongoing public debut at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2015, BMW has just released a new UK promo for...

BMW at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2015

The 2016 BMW 7-Series was unveiled at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 and joined most notably by the M6 GT3 and M6 Competition...
BMW 7-Series diamond tweeters

Latest BMW 7-Series Features First Diamond Tweeter Speakers

Designed to rival the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, we already know that the BMW 7-Series is exceptionally luxurious. Now it has been revealed that the 7-Series...
Frankfurt BMW 7-Series front

Frankfurt 2015: BMW 7-Series

The 2016 BMW 7-Series is celebrating its world debut at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2015. Created to rival the class-leading Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the...
BMW rules out electric 7-Series

BMW Rules Out Electric 7-Series

BMW has revealed that it currently has no plans to create an all-electric variant of the latest-generation 7-Series. The car is already available as...
BMW 7-Series at Frankfurt Motor Show 2015

Preview: BMW at IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2015

Prior to the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 opening its doors to the public on September 19, BMW has previewed its appearance at the...
Next-gen BMW 5-Series getting 7-Series tech

Next-Gen BMW 5-Series Getting Host of 7-Series Tech

The next-generation BMW 5-Series is set to receive a host of features from the latest 7-Series as it goes head-to-head with the overhauled new...
BMW M Performance 7-Series

BMW Reveals M-Performance Upgrades for 7-Series

BMW has just revealed a selection of parts and accessories from M Performance for the latest-generation 7-Series. Outside, the M Performance parts offered include a...
BMW rules out electric 7-Series

BMW Working on Quad-Turbo Diesel 7-Series

As it stands, the Bugatti Veyron is the only car on the market with a quad-turbocharged engine. However, according to new reports, BMW is...

Manhart Preview 2016 BMW 7-Series Based MH7 700

The latest-generation 2016 BMW 7-Series may have only just been revealed and already, Manhart has previewed its upgrades for the new car. While the picture...