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Official: BMW 5 Series GT Trussardi

BMW and Italian fashion house Trussardi, mostly known for its leather jackets, jeans, handbags and accessories, have released today a limited edtion of the...

Geneva 2010: AC Schnitzer 5-Series GT Live

A combination between Geneva 2010 and AC Schnitzer brought us the program for the BMW 5-Series GT. The upgraded 530d live at Geneva includes...

Geneva 2010: AC Schnitzer 5-Series GT

AC Schnitzer have attempted to enhance the 5-Series "Grand Tourers" touring credentials for their latest kit. Providing enhancements for performance, handling an aerodynamics, the...

AC Schnitzer Wheels For The 5-Series GT

BMW have recently started developing a few niche products to complement and enhance their more normal range. We've had the X6 to start with,...