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The Bladerun powerboat rally takes over the world’s oceans. Visit GTspirit for the latest Bladerun updates, pictures & videos.

Bladerun 2008

After three Bladerun's in two years, the Bladerun is back with even more powerboat events this year! The organisers have used the feedback from...

Team Polizei also succesful on water

After succes in Gumball 3000, Bullrun and recently the Londino Team Polizei master-piloten Michael Ross now conquered the waters of the Mediterranean on last...

Blade Run – The Ultimate Powerboat Rally

In less then two weeks the first Bladerun of 2007 will start in London for a 3 day powerboat rally to Amsterdam. With stops...

Deauville Rally becomes BladeRun

The Deauville Rally will be the Blade Run in 2006! Check out this page for the full program and costs. Blade Run, formerly known as...