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1963 Batmobile Replica

1963 First Batmobile Auctions for $137,000

The original Batmobile fetched $137,000 when it went to auction this month, a small fraction of the $4.2 million that a buyer paid last...
Incredible Homemade Batmobile in China

Homemade Batman Tumbler Replica in China

A number of Chinese replicas have hit our frontpage recently, some good, some bad. This example is one of the good ones. Far from...
Batmobile for Sale

For Sale: Street Legal Batmobile Tumbler for $1 Million

A replica Batmobile Tumbler is being offered for sale Florida. The seller alleges that the custom ride is street legal, if so, we have...
Barrett-Jackson 2013 Original 1966 Batmobile Auctioned for $4,620,000

Barrett-Jackson 2013: Original 1966 Batmobile Auctioned for $4,620,000

Having showed you the original 1966 Batmobile and reports of how it would be auctioned, its moment arrived at the Barrett-Jackson Auctions where the...
1960s Batmobile

Batman’s Original 1966 Batmobile to be Auctioned

The original 1966 Batmobile will be auctioned for the first time in history on 19th January at the Barrett-Jackson auction house in Scottsdale Arizona....

The Story of 40 Years BMW M ‒ The BMW M1

BMW Motorsports has started well, the BMW 3.0 CSL was very successful in racing, but the aging 'Batmobile' was facing competition from the Porsche...

The Story of 40 Years BMW M ‒ The Batmobile Hits the Road

BMW Motorsport has started. In this second part of the history of BMW M we will take a look at the BMW 3.0 CSL,...