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Fifth Gear Test the Pagani Huarya

Fifth Gear Season 22 Episode 2

Fifth Gear Season 22 Episode 2 airs on Discovery tonight at 8pm and they have released a preview video of what to expect in...

Downsizing: Audi R8 Spyder with V8 engine

It is hard to believe but Audi is planning a R8 Spyder with the same V8 engine as the 'normal' R8. The vehicle follows...

IAA 2009: Frankfurt Motor Show Highlights

Every new car has been presented, so it is time to make up a list of highlights. A short line-up of the best of...

Official Pictures Audi R8 Spider

The official pictures of the Audi R8 Spider have made it onto the web a week before its official release at the Frankfurt Motor...

Audi R8 Spider

We've known for a while that the R8 would go topless, these are the latest development mule pictures. It looks like Audi have opted...

The future of Audi

All car producers have to update their cars and engines on regular base and so does Audi. Leaked documents reveal their plans until 2012....