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Audi to Create Plug-in Versions of A6, A8 and Q7

Audi to Create Plug-in Versions of A6, A8 and Q7

Audi is set to continue its roll-out of plug-in hybrids with suggestions that the Audi A6, A8 and next-generation Q7 will all be available...
Audi RS8 Not on the Horizon

Audi RS8 Not on the Horizon

Not too long ago, Audi’s performance division Quattro GmbH didn’t build more than a couple of RS-models at a time. However, with the current...
2014 Audi A8

Frankfurt 2013: 2014 Audi A8

Audi have revealed the 2014 Audi A8 to the public for the very first time at IAA Frakfurt 2013! The luxury limo has undergone...
Video: Watch an Audi A8 hit 100km/h in Just 3.8 Seconds

Video: Watch an Audi A8 hit 100km/h in Just 3.8 Seconds

Based alone on its size and docile exterior, one could easily mistake the 2013 Audi A8 as being nothing more than a rich man’s...
MC Customs Audi A8 with 22 Inch VCK Vellano Wheels

MC Customs Audi A8 on VCK Vellano Wheels

Canadian Wheels manufacturer Vellano Wheels teamed up with Florida-based tuner MC Customs and fitted an Audi A8 with one of their wheel sets,...

Audi Planning to Make Designs of Future Models More Unique

It’s not uncommon for large automotive manufacturers to design all their cars around a similar styling principal. This is clearly evident in all Aston...
Audi S8 by Unicate

Official: Audi S8 by Unicate

MEC Design doesn't just do Mercedes-Benz! Today we have an Audi S8 to share with you, developed by the German specialists at MEC Design's...

Official: B&B Audi A8 4H Tuning Programs

German Tuner B&B offers upgrades for the new Audi A8 (model 4H). B&B can upgrade both the petrol and diesel engines of the Audi...
Geneva 2012 Hofele Design Audi SR8

Geneva 2012: Hofele Design Audi SR 8

Another tuner present at the Geneva Motor Show 2012 is Hofele Design from Germany. They are displaying the Hofele Design Audi SR 8, a...
Official MTM Audi A8 Tuning for 4.2 TDI V8 Engine

Official: MTM Tuning for Audi A8 4.2 TDI V8 Engine

MTM engineers have released tuning packages for the 4.2 liter TDI engine inside the Audi A8. The stock power provided by the engine is...