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Armortech 760 XLi

Armortech Builds Stretched BMW 760 XLi High Security

Russian company Armortech are planning the release of stretched armored versions of the BMW 760 Li and High Security model series. The new 5.21...

Official: Tresor SUV by Armortech & Atelier Valdeig

AmorTech is a Russian custom car builder. We've seen their stretched Bentley Mulsanne and two-door BMW X6 Coupé before. For their latest project they...

ArmorTech Offers Stretched Version of Bentley Mulsanne

Russian custom car builders ArmorTech is offering a stretched version of the Bentley Mulsanne. The wheelbase of the British luxury brand’s flagship can be...

ArmorTech BMW X6 Coupe – Two-door Conversion

Russian custom car builders ArmorTech have released the ArmorTech BMW X6 Coupe conversion package. The package includes a two-door body conversion. The B pillar...