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Video: Man Uses his Body to Shield Car from Hail Storm

Ask anyone who lives in a climate prone to hail storms and they will tell you: they appear suddenly and wreak havoc to all...

Car Crash: Ferrari 456 Crash Recorded by Security Camera

The following clip was shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina by a security camera pointing on the Libertador Avenue. On the footage you will see...

Video Of The Day: Pagani Zonda Cinque in Argentina

One of the five limited Pagani Zonda Cinques was spotted this weekend in the Cordoba Hills in Argentina. The owner of this hypercar is...

Video Of The Day: Orange Pagani Zonda in Argentina

The following Italian Pagani Zonda was spotted a few days ago in Argentina at two different spots. The Orange hypercar was spotted heading onto...

Gallery: Dakar Rally 2010

Motorsports isn't our daily business, but when you come across pictures like these, it is definitely worth a post on our front page. The...