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Future Aston Martins Won't Receive AMG Badging

Future Aston Martins Won’t Receive AMG Badging

While the Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin tie-up is indeed exciting for us auto enthusiasts, Mercedes-Benz isn’t too keen to badge future AMG powered Aston...

Factory Visit: Mercedes-AMG Affalterbach

BMW has the M division, Audi has quattro GmbH and Mercedes-Benz has AMG. Unlike quattro GmbH and the M division, AMG has not always...

Video: Dozens of Mercedes AMG Car Roar in Car Park!

AMG Mercedes cars have proven very popular in the UAE. The SLS AMG is a 'staple' supercar and the G55 and G63 Wagon are...
Daimler Increases Stake in Aston Martin

Aston Martin-AMG Tie-Up Could Include Shared Platforms

When Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz AMG first announced their partnership in July, it was outlined that Aston Martin would receive V8 engines and the...
Small Turbocharged Engines are Future for AMG

Small Turbocharged Engines are Future for AMG

With the automotive industry slowly but surely shifting towards forced induction and smaller capacity engines, AMG CEO and Chairman Tobias Moers claims that new...
Joint AMG-Aston Martin 'Too Far'

Joint AMG-Aston Martin Sports Car ‘Too Far’

With the recently confirmed Aston Martin and AMG partnership being finalised, one could have easily imagined the two sports car manufacturers teaming up to...
AMG-Powered Aston Martins Three to Four Years Away

AMG-Powered Aston Martins Three to Four Years Away

While Aston Martin and AMG may have signed an agreement to share technologies in the future, with AMG set to be the sole manufacturer...

Factory Visit: Mercedes-AMG Headquarters

A,M and G. Three letters that can transform the most mundane and civilised cars into the raw and vicious speed machines that strike fear...
Aston Martin Vanquish Centenary Edition

Report: Aston Martin Looking at Mercedes for Future Engines

With Investindustrial’s hefty investment into Aston Martin recently being completed, Aston Martin is hoping that Investindustrial’s past business with Ducati and Mercedes-Benz AMG could...
Mercedes AMG V12 Engines to Survive for 5-6 Years

Mercedes AMG V12 Engines to Survive for 5-6 Years

Despite automotive manufacturers across the globe slowly but surely phasing out larger displacement engines, according to AMG Chairman Ola Källenius, select Mercedes-Benzes are set...