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Top Gear USA Returns on August 14

Top Gear USA will return for a new season on August 14 at 9pm Eastern. The season will see six episodes, which air before...

Top Gear USA Season 3 Starts February 14th

Top Gear USA is returning for Season 3 on February the 14th. The show follows a similar format of the BBC version: three main...

Top Gear USA Extends Season With Eight New Episodes

History Channel's season 2 of Top Gear USA had an overall season average of 1.9 million viewers, an increase over the first season. As...

Top Gear USA is Back on July 24

The official Top Gear USA facebook page has confirmed that Top Gear USA returns to the History Channel for its second season of silliness...

Top Gear USA is Back and Airs Next Fall

Top Gear has indicated that Top Gear USA is back. They also announced that History channel and BBC Worldwide started working on the American...