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Video: Ferrari 360 Modena with Level 2 Capristo Exhaust

Video: Ferrari 360 Modena With Level 2 Capristo Exhaust

Let my pose a question for you. What would you get when you combine the 3.6 liter Italian V8 engine with a Level 2...
Ferrari 360 Burning Down

Car Crash: Driver Dies in Burning Ferrari 360 Modena

A 68-year-old man, named Gianulderico Camuzzi, died in his burning Ferrari after crashing into a tree. The accident happened in Massachusetts, USA. The passenger...

Overkill: Ferrari 360 Modena at Causeway Bay in Hong Kong

Daryl Chapman from Bauhinia photography spotted this Ferrari 360 Modena at Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. The total package of this Ferrari is very...

Car Crash: Ferrari 430 Scuderia on Fire in Houston

Another day, another Ferrari fire. This time it's a Ferrari 430 Scuderia in Houston, North America. A passer-by filmed this short clip of the...