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Spyshots: Lexus LF-A

These are the first shots of the Lexus LF-A nearing the completion of it's long period of development. We first saw the car in...

Lexus LF-A to be presented in Tokyo!

Some stories are never ending. The Lexus LF-A is one of those. After seeing several concepts since 2005 and seeing it in action during...

Idingpower F460 GT

Another crazy Japanese tuning company to show their product at the 2009 Tokyo AutoSalon are Iding power. They may sound new to you and...

Blitz R35 GT-R

The Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 bought us plenty of information on tuned GT-R's that we plan to bring to you in the coming week....

Zele International ‘Complete Edition’ R35 GT-R

After yesterday's Nissan GT-R V-Spec, we thought we would found a winner for the most expensive GT-R, however this tuned version claims to cost...