Edo Competition

Edo Competition news, photos, reviews & videos! Read all about Edo Competition and his special modified supercars including Ferrari's, Lamborghini's and Bentley's.

Hamann Lamborghini LP640 & Edo Competition Ford GT

During the last weeks our well known tuners haven't been doing nothing. Hamann got his hands on the Murciélago LP640 and Edo Competition...

EDO Maserati MC12 XX

The Edo Maserati MC 12R which we earlier reported about, just got better. Where the MC 12R had a modest 70hp power increase,...

Edo Competition Porsche Cayenne Turbo

For those who still thought that the Porsche Cayenne Turbo was a bit more powerful SUV, is the solution to find in Edo Competition....

EDO Maserati MC12 R

EDO presented their new Maserati MC12 R at the Essen Motor Show 2005. EDO managed to make the allready impressive Maserati MC12 even more...