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Audi R8 going diesel

The latest reports surfacing suggest that Audi's new supercar is scheduled for oiloplasty. That's right, the R8 is getting a diesel. Backing up these...

Audi S4 driving up the Stelvio pass

This is a video of a British Audi S4 driving up the Stelvio pass in Italy. The pass has 45 hairpins! It's probably one...

Audi RS4 in Germany

Another video of the RS4 we wrote about yesterday. This time the RS4 is in Germany to enjoy the autobahn. The car is pushed...

Audi RS4 in Belgium

Video of an Audi RS4 pushing it to the limit in Belgium. The video has some great engine sound at the first part of...

Audi drifting in the snow

This audi loves to have fun in the snow. And we've got to admit that it looks like fun. Too bad there's no snow...