Mille Miglia

Mille Miglia news, reports, photos & videos. GTspirit covers the Mille Miglia live every May. The Mille Miglia was an open-road endurance race which took place in Italy twenty-four times from 1927 to 1957. In 1982 the Mille Miglia was revived as an annual road rally event only open to models that were build before the end of the original Mille Miglia.

Mille Miglia 2014

Mille Miglia 2014: Arrival & Technical Check

We have officially arrived at the Mille Miglia 2014! Today consisted of technical checks at the Fiera di Brescia. The teams received their racing...

Mille Miglia 2014: Preview

As far as historic open road endurance racing goes, the Mille Miglia is the absolute finest. Alongside the Targa Florio and the Carrera Panamericana,...
Preview: Jaguar's Car and Driver Line-up for Mille Miglia 2014

Jaguar’s Car and Driver Line-up for Mille Miglia 2014

Prior to the Mille Miglia 2014 kicking off on May 15th which GTspirit will be attending, Jaguar Heritage Racing has confirmed the cars and...
Mille Miglia 2013

Gallery: Supercars at the Mille Miglia 2013

The Mile Miglia 2013 took place a few weeks ago and new photos keep flowing in. Previously we have showed you galleries of the...
Mille Miglia 2013

Mega Gallery: Mercedes-Benz at Mille Miglia 2013

Let’s face it, Mille Miglia without Mercedes is like heaven without God, these were the founding fathers of some of the greatest classic cars...
Bentley Blower

2013 Mille Miglia Experience in Photos

We already shared photos of the Mille Miglia 2013 including a gallery of two Pagani Huayras. However we haven't yet given you a gallery...
Pagani Huayra at Mille Miglia 2013

Mille Miglia 2013: Two Pagani Huayras Spotted

Yet another bewildering rally happening this weekend, the Mille Miglia 2013. The following are shots of the two Pagani Huayra’s that are taking part...
Bugatti Type 35T

Mille Miglia 2013 Night Photos in Ferrara by Matteo

We have showed you the Mille Miglia 2013 photos of two Pagani Huayras which were in the 1000 miles race from Brescia to Rome...
Bentley Blower

Preview: Bentley at Mille Miglia 2013

Bentley Motors will enter this year’s Mille Miglia race with two unique 4.5 liter Supercharged “Blowers” in the 1000 mile race challenge set to...
Bugatti type 35

Preview: Bugatti at Mille Miglia 2013

Bugatti will enter the Mille Miglia 2013 with two of its iconic models namely the Bugatti Type 35T and the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport...