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Lion's Run

Lions Run was founded in 2013 by two lifestyle ethusiasts from Munich, who wanted to get out from the everyday hussle of modern life, and relax and enjoy the company of similarly poled people. They wanted to be different and bring something epic – connecting lifestyle and business with people with a passion for cars and luxury lifestyle.

We are an unique lifestyle tour, which offers like minded people the opportunity to take part in a luxury driving experience through the most luxurious cities in Europe. Hand picked luxury enthusiast get together with the most exclusive supercars embark on an unforgettable seven day trip through Europe’s most exclusive venues. In order to keep the event as exclusive as every member deserves, the amount of participating cars will never be more than 40.

We are pursuing a clear vision. Lion’s Run is not a race event or rally, but rather a lifestyle & luxury sports car club with rules. There will be neither timing nor an award ceremony and the members always cooperate with the street laws of the respective countries.

Lion's Run Ferrari 458 Italia

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