Cannonball Run Europe

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Spirit of Cannonball award won by the Ultima GTR

And the 'Spirit of Cannonball' winner is... The Cannonball Run Europe came to an end on friday the 14th of July. It was a...

Cannonball Run Europe – Day 4

Cannonball Run Europe 2006 - Day Four (back in France) Start: Rome, Italy Finish: Lyon, France Distance: 593.8 miles (955.63 km) Here some pictures:

Cannonball Run Europe Start video

Enjoy this short video of the Start at the Oatlands Park Hotel, Weybridge. It's been taken by the Ultima GTR fan 'M3desmo'.

Cannonball cars stay confiscated

The court of Béthune (Pas-de-Calais) pronounced on Tuesday the final confiscation of the Ferrari 360 and Porsche 993 turbo, belonging to two British men....

Cannonball Run Europe – Day 3

Day 3 of the Cannonball Run Europe: Start: Rimini, Italy Finish: Rome, Italy Distance: 243.2 miles (390 km) Here some pictures of the arrival in Rome: ...

Cannonballer in prison

More trouble for the Cannonball Run Europe. After some police-problems in Switzerland (we reported about it), two Cannonballer are now in prison in...

Cannonball Run Europe – Day 2

<img src="" alt="Cannonball Run Europe" Day 2 of the Cannonball Run Europe: Start: Le Meridien, Rimini Finish: AMUB Magione Track, Italy Distance: 125 miles (201 km) ...

Cannonballers stopped by Swiss Police

Two Cannonballers were stopped on their way to Rimini by the Swiss Police. One Porsche driver was stopped near Basel, in the Belchentunnel . Her...

Cannonball Run Europe – Day 1

Day one of the Cannonball Run Europe is over. First leg was from the Oatlands Park Hotel, Weybridge to Rimini, Italy. Distance: 864.9 miles...

Cannonball Run Europe Start – Update 3

You live near Weybridge - Surrey? Then hurry up! See the cars off on Sunday 9th July from 12pm at Oatlands Park Hotel, Oatlands Drive,...