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Big Brother behind the wheel

I just found this on another blog: Brian Arner brings us the item below. Didn't Canada just put the brakes on government? Brian posts part...

Deauville Rally becomes BladeRun

The Deauville Rally will be the Blade Run in 2006! Check out this page for the full program and costs. Blade Run, formerly known as...

Ghost Rider 4 – Ghost Rider goes undercover

The new Ghost Rider video is released! His new video is more action packed then his previous videos. This time Ghost Rider goes undercover...

The cars for the new rally season have arrived!

My new cars for the 2006 rally season finally arrived!! Here are some pictures: ... in my dreams...

Win $5000 by editing a nice Gumball 3000 video

Kimble, the guy behind the upcoming Ultimate Rally is awarding $5,000 to the best video made in his Best of gumball 3000 competition! There...