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The latest cars in Dubai and Dubai car news. Read more about Dubai Cars and automotive events from across Dubai. Our Dubai channel includes showcase of supercars in Dubai and Dubai supercar crashes.

Car Crash: Rolls Royce Phantom Drop-Head

We don't know much about how this accident happened but it looks to have been an expensive one. Evidently, this Phantom Drop-Head ended up...

Photo Of The Day: Bugatti Veyron in Dubai

Today we've found this beautiful shot of a Bugatti Veyron in the desert near Dubai. Not one of the 200 different 1001 hp Bugatti...

Gold Mercedes C63 AMG In Dubai

As you can see, this Mercedes C63 AMG is not 'normal', it's fallen foul to the new fasion of car wrapping in obsurd colours....

We’re Back!

We finally fixed a little database error that kept us from writing any new articles the past couple of months. But we haven't waited...

Matte Black Veyron in Dubai

Considering some of the crazy cars that have come out of Dubai and the surrounding areas, it's no supprise that this Veyron owner wanted...