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The latest car news and automotive events from Qatar and its capital Doha.

Video: Crazy Qatari Convoy!

Qatari's love their cars and not just to park in garages and admire, but to drive, and drive fast! This video below is the...

Supercars in Qatar 2013

One evening on the Qatari Corniche, an area for the richest dwellers of the world wealthiest country. When wandering the streets of London, walking...
Video: Evolution Motorsport Hits 215mph in Qatar 'Half-Mile'

Video: Evolution Motorsport Hits 215mph in Qatar ‘Half-Mile’

A 1500hp Porsche 997TT 911 tuned by Evolution Motorsports dubbed ‘Mayhem’ recently made its debut in the Middle East where it reached the highest...

Video: Supercar Gathering at the Majles of Mohammed Al Kubaisi

One of the best places in the world to witness supercars is in Qatar, where the supercar community seems to be blossoming faster than...
Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

Qatar 2013: Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

The 2013 Qatar Motor Show finally closed its doors on 2nd February having displayed some great cars including the new Arab supercar, the W...
W Motors LykanHypersport

Video: W Motors LykanHypersport at the Qatar Motor Show

We recently bought you the newly launched W Motors LykanHypersport, first the official photos and then live photos from the Qatar Motor Show that...
W Motors LykanHypersport

Qatar 2013: W Motors LykanHypersport

W Motors recently revealed official photos of the LykanHypersport, the first Arab Supercar. The second model, the LykanSupersport will join the range later this...
Detailing Supercars in Qatar with London's Finest Detailing

Video: Detailing Supercars in Qatar with London’s Finest Detailing

If a spiritual home of the supercar were to exist, the country of Qatar would certainly be a solid contender. With oil, comes money....

Gallery: Oakley Design Ferrari 458 Italia in Qatar

Qatar Driver released a comprehensive set of photos for the Oakley Design Ferrari 458 Italia, including impressive pictures of the interior and the exterior...
Spotted White Mansory Aventador Nr 02 in Qatar

Spotted: White Mansory Aventador Nr 02 in Qatar

GTspirit reader Ashley Wellington spotted this white Mansory Aventador in Doha, Qatar. This is the second Aventador tuned by the German specialist from Brand,...