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Charming Private Island in Washington Selling at $18.5 Million

Charming Private Island in Washington For Sale for $18.5 Million

It’s hard to imagine a better reality than living on or owning a private island. Even if you do have the cash reserves to...
Celine Dion's Florida Beach House up for Sale at $62,500,000

Celine Dion’s Florida Beach House up for Sale at $62,500,000

Celine Dion’s absolutely incredible beach house on the coast of Florida has just hit the market at $62.5 million! The stunning Bahamian inspired estate...
$32 Million Luxury Penthouse in New York

$32 Million Luxury Penthouse For Sale in New York

It’s not every day a penthouse like this one located at 383 West Broadway in SoHo, New York pops up for sale. We’ve covered...
$118.5 Million Apartment in Manhattan Will Blow Your Mind!

$118.5 Million Apartment in Manhattan For Sale

The most expensive apartment in Manhattan has just been listed for sale at the Ritz Carlton. Previously three separate apartments, they are now being...
This White Oasis in Spain Will Give You Goosebumps!

White Oasis Property For Sale in Spain

The following house, known as Villa Chameleon, is so bright and so white that it’s a bit of a head scratcher as to where...
Mansion With Supercar Garage

For Sale: Mansion With Amazing Supercar Garage

Our friends over at recently spotted a Floridian mansion for sale with ample space for supercars. The advert shows a Ferrari Enzo and...