Salon Privé

Salon Privé is the UK’s premier motoring event comprising of the British Super Car Show, Concours d’Elégance, Tour d’Elégance, The Concepts & Prototypes Display and The Hyper Car Collection. Salon Privé is held annually since 2005.

Salon Privé is a hospitality-only event appealing to discerning guests, collectors, buyers, owners and enthusiasts who prefer a more intimate and engaging experience. It is a presentation of the very finest automotive and luxury brands as well as the rarest and most valuable of classic cars and motorcycles, all of which are beautifully displayed on the lawns of one the country’s most spectacular palaces; Blenheim Palace!

Yellow Ferrari 308 GTS

Salon Privé Auction 2015 Hits £5 Million in Sales

The second-even Salon Prive auction held in collaboration with Silverstone Auctions over the weekend saw £5 million worth of cars sold. The top spot...
Salon Prive Ferrari and Porsche

Salon Privé 2015 Highlights

Now that Salon Privé 2015 has come to an end, we have had some time to reflect on our highlights of the three-day event....
Pagani Zonda Roadster at Salon Prive 2015

Salon Privé 2015: Prestige & Performance Concours

The inaugural Salon Prive 2015 Prestige & Performance Concours will be of most interest to GTspirit readers, it includes the very best hypercars on...
Ferrari 250 Tour de France at Salon Prive 2015

Salon Privé 2015: Gentleman GT Cars

One of the biggest classes at Salon Prive 2015 is the Gentleman GT Drivers class. The seven entrants in this class make for a...
Salon Prive 2015 Pininfarina

Salon Privé 2015: Pininfarina & The Prancing Horse

The vast majority of mass market Ferrari’s received some sort of consultancy from Turin design house Pininfarina together with manufacturing expertise from Carrozzeria Scaglietti,...
Salon Prive 2015 Lamborghini Miura

Salon Privé 2015: Fixed-Head Coupés from the 50s & 60s

The 1950’s and 1960’s were two golden generations for the automobile. Salon Prive 2015 honours these two eras with a dedicated class of five...
Salon Prive 2015

Salon Prive 2015: Wind in Your Hair

As far as tough Concours categories go, the Wind in Your Hair category at Salon Prive 2015 is up there with the best. Ferrari's...
Salon Prive 2015 Lancia

Salon Privé 2015: Competition Cars

Competition cars are among the most valuable in the world at the moment. Cars with racing pedigree are generally more desirable to collectors, therefore,...
LaFerrari FXXK at Salon Prive 2015

Salon Privé 2015: Track-Only Hypercar Specials

Another unique aspect of Salon Privé 2015 is that it doesn't just focus on the traditional Concours categories, there are displays of modern supercars...
Ferrari Shooting Brake at Salon Prive 2015

Salon Prive 2015: Post-war Coachwork

Salon Prive 2015 includes a category for stunning Post-War Coachwork. The organisers have gathered together examples from a huge range of unique companies including...