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Collection of special and rare supercars for sale. From unique Bugatti’s and McLaren’s to one-off supercars and tuned supercars.

For Sale: Spyker C8 Laviolette LM85

The Spyker C8 Laviolette LM85 is what we easily can call a rare sight. If you're intrested in owning one, you could consider making...

Maybach Exelero For Sale

One of the worlds most exclusive cars, the Maybach Exelero, is currently being offered up for sale by an Austrian dealer. The price? A...

Porsche 9ff for sale

Need a car that is faster then a Pagani Zonda, Ferrari Enzo or a Mercedes McLaren SLR? Buy this Porsche 996 Turbo 9ff. Top...

Ferrari FXX for sale

Here's a small update of our previous post about the Ferrari FXX. The one for sale at ebay is sold for $3.000.100!! And finally the...