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News and reports about the development of past, present and future cars and supercars.

Porsche Mission E Cleared for Production, Launch Set for 2020

Porsche have confirmed that the Porsche Mission E Concept has been given the production green light. The implication is that the eventual production car...
BMW McLarenSupercar

McLaren and BMW in Talks For a New Supercar

According to reports from Car Magazine, BMW is in the midst of developing a brand new mid-engined V8 supercar. Interestingly, it is said that...
2016 BMW 7-Series Photos Leaked

Leaked Photo of 2016 BMW 7-Series Emerges

A profile photo of the 2016 BMW 7-Series was leaked today ahead of the car's official debut, expect at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015....
Official: 2014 BMW M3 and 2014 BMW M4

Next-Gen BMW M3 to Have 500 HP, Water Injection

A new report has surfaced suggesting that the next-gen BMW M3 will feature as much as 500hp. The boost in power comes courtesy of a...

Mazda Reportedly Developing New RX-7 for 2020 Launch

A new report suggests that Mazda is currently planning on reintroducing the RX-7 as early as 2020. Reportedly based on the new fourth-generation MX-5 platform,...
Volvo Reveals New 450hp Four-Cylinder Engine

Volvo Reveals New 450hp Four-Cylinder Engine

While power wars between high displacement hypercars are set to inevitably continue, there is an even more fascinating power war trend emerging and it...
Ford Begins Testing on All New Right Hand Drive Mustang

Ford Begins Testing New Right Hand Drive Mustang

For the first time in the history of the Ford Mustang, the new car will be built from the factory in right-hand drive for...
Jaguar XE- Advanced Aluminum Architecture

Jaguar XE to Get Advanced Aluminum Architecture

We are thoroughly looking forward to 8th September this year when Jaguar will officially unveil the new Jaguar XE! It seems as though the...
Production of Rezvani Beast Supercar Kicks Off

Production of Rezvani Beast Supercar Reportedly Kicks Off

Following the recent unveiling of the eye-catching 2015 Rezvani Beast, the company has confirmed that production of the first customer car is underway. Since the...
Genty Reveals Impressive Performance Claims for Akylone Supercar

Genty Reveals Impressive Performance Claims for Akylone Supercar

Supercar start-ups come around every few months. The vast majority never receive enough investment to ever see the car’s come to life outside a...