Cars and Girls

Cars and girls, a combination many men can't resist! Browse through all our cars and girls photo shoots here.

Girls at the Geneva Motor Show 2015

Girls of the Geneva Motor Show 2015 – Part 1

There are some real showstoppers on display at the Geneva Motor Show 2015. Its not just the cars though, Geneva normally attracts the very...
Cars and Girls: Hot Savanna Rocks HPD Dyno Night!

Cars and Girls: Model Rocks HP Motorsports Dyno Night!

Another dyno night was recently held at HP Motorsports in the U.S. and once again, some truly ferocious cars were in attendance. Oh yeah,...
ADV.1 Wheels

Cars and Girls: Meet the Models From ADV.1 Wheels!

At the recent Houston Auto Show 2015, a plethora of eye-catching vehicles were displayed across all the booths with one of the most exceptionally...
Girls of the Brussels Motor Show 2015

Girls of the Brussels Motor Show 2015

The Brussels Motor Show 2015 was no different to most with all brands bringing several nice girls to the show to flank the newest...
Gallery: Girls of Tokyo Auto Salon 2015

Girls of Tokyo Auto Salon 2015

If punters at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 really forced themselves to look away from the stunning tuned sports cars and supercars on display,...
Cars and Girls: Krystelle Drouby Dazzles a BMW and STI Duo

Cars and Girls: Krystelle Drouby Dazzles a BMW and STI Duo

K8 Car Photography recently had the opportunity to organise a photoshoot with two Subaru Impreza STIs and a BMW 335i alongside a glamorous model...
Cars and Girls Malaysia

Cars and Girls: Models from Mean Machines Malaysia 2014

Back at the start of October, the Mean Machines 2014 event was held in Malaysia. The event is one of the largest motorsport related...
HP Motorsports Dyno Night

Cars and Girls: Hot Model From HP Motorsports Dyno Night

At the recently held dyno night at HP Motorsports, a huge array of high-performance vehicles showed up to pose for some photos and lay...
Porsche Carrera Cup Asia

Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Fuji Glamour with Grid Girls

An all-new chapter in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia’s 12-year history began with the Rounds 6&7 qualifying session, held for the first time ever...

Ferrari 458 And Models: The Photographer’s Point Of View

Many times we read and talk about cars, photoshoots and models without knowing the process behind all of that, we go straight to a...