Ferrari Teases Menacing 296 GT3 Race Car

Ferrari 296 GT3

Ferrari just teased the upcoming 296 GT3 race car whic is based on the road going 296 GTB. The model has taken up the legacy of the 488 GT3 which has 107 titles from its debut races with 429 wins from 770 starts.

Matching this achievement has been a challenge for the Ferrari Competizioni GT designers and engineers. The design of the 296 GTB has been equipped with aerodynamic and characteristic elements of a racing version and it has preserved the link to the production model from which its conception is inspired by, i.e, cars like the 1963 250 LM.

The 296 GT3 will be assembled at the Oreca di Signes plant, the vehicle has been equipped with a 6-cylinder engine and in compliance with the technical regulations, the model will not be equipped with an electric unit.

The new GT3 will begin development on the track in the coming months with the race debut scheduled for 2023.

Ferrari 296 GT3 side



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