Lexus and Marvel Studios have collaborated to design 10 character-themed concept vehicles based on 10 superheroes from the ‘Eternals’ film.

Each ‘Eternal’ model is inspired by the unique armor design, iconography and superpower of each Eternal character, the grilles and the underbodies of the vehicles emanate a golden glow reflecting the characters energy signatures from the film and the vehicles will be featured in various events including the red carpet premiere.

The custom-wrapped ‘Eternal’ vehicle lineup consists of :

  • Ajak x Lexus GX: Ajak, played by Salma Hayek has been paired with the GX SUV.


  • Druig x Lexus GX: Druid, played by Barry Keoghan has super strength and stamina in the film has also been paired with GX.


  • Gilgamesh x Lexus LX: Played by Don Lee as the strongest Eternal has been paired with the most powerful Lexus SUV, the LX.


  • Ikaris x Lexus LS: Played by Richard Madden, the LS is Lexus’s flagship luxury sedan.


  • Kingo x Lexus IS: Played by Kumail Nanjiani, paired with a powerful Lexus IS which he drives in the ‘Parking Spot’ video.


  • Makkari x Lexus RC  Track Edition: this is the quickest vehicle in the lineup played by Lauren Ridloff


  • Phastos x Lexus LX: played by Brian Tyree, the LX is a technologically advanced vehicle.


  • Sersi x Lexus RC F: this is among one of the most powerful vehicles in the lineup and it has been paired to a character played by Gemma Chan.


  • Sprite x Lexus NX: the NX is a crossover model from the character played by Lia McHugh.


  • Thena x Lexus LC 500:Thena, played by the famous Angelina Jolie has been paired with a sleek and stylish LC 500 model.


In addition, the new Lexus IS 500 F Sport performance is the most powerful IS Model powered by a naturally aspirated V8 engine delivering a maximum power output of 472hp.

Lexus and Marvel Studios officially debuted the ‘Parking Spot’ long-form video earlier this month, the video was directed by the Russo Brothers who also helmed the ‘Avengers: End Game’ film. 

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