As far as tributes go, having a car designed in your name is a pretty big one. David Bowie is the inspiration for a concept car due to be unveiled in Paris tomorrow at the Exposition Concept Car Paris. The designer? Former PSA Peugeot Citroën designer Takumi Yamamoto.

Yamamoto’s design will debut in model form and dates back to a sketch the designer drew in April 1997. The artist is said to have developed an algorithm which extracted key words from David Bowie’s most recognised work to guide the concept car’s form. The result was subject to CGI work before it was 3D printed for display at the Paris show.

The Japanese designer is best known for his work on unique Gran Turismo designs for PGA. For example, he was responsible for the exterior styling of the futuristic ‘GT by Citroën’. Inspired by a poster of David Bowie hanging in his childhood room back in Tokyo, Yamamoto is looking to capture the attention of the automotive world once again.

The early drawings suggest that the David Bowie inspired vehicle will carry hypercar levels of drama. The frontal view shows a highly complex design with plenty to capture your imagination. The car wears the iconic David Bowie ‘DB’ badging too. We understand that there are no plans for production or support from any manufacturer, aside from support from a company called Marie 3D who own the largest 3D printer in the world. It will be interesting to see what the finished product looks like!

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