Byton M-Byte Revealed with Massive 48-inch Display

Byton 48 inch screen

Byton have unveiled a production-ready cockpit for its first production SUV, the M-Byte. The Byton headline feature is the ultra-wide 48-inch “Shared Experience” display which dominates the driver’s view out of the windscreen. It is quite unique!

The Byton M-Byte is expected to debut in full-production specification at an event in June this year. Deliveries are expected to begin at the end of the year with a 2020 time frame for US and European deliveries. Until then, Byton have been drip feeding information, the release of the production-ready interior at CES this year is the biggest so far!

If the 48-inch display is not enough for you, Byton have engineered a second 7-inch multi-touch display in the center of the steering wheel. A third, eight-inch multi touch “Byton Touchpad” display is fitted to the center console. Further screens will be added in the back seats for the entertainment of passengers. Byton have announced plans to have passenger and driver operate the systems by gesture or voice command.

While none of the above technology appears particularly groundbreaking, it’s the scale that is most shocking. That 48 inch screen is huge, the photos suggest that it could prove to be a giant distraction to the driver. The steering wheel mounted display also raises questions. It sits above the airbag and likely requires significant engineering to ensure it doesn’t impede its operation.

That said, the screens are apparently deemed necessary for the Byton Life service, which connects apps and smart devices. There are plans for facial recognition technology.

There is a car underneath too. Details of the production version are not yet known. The cheapest model should feature a 71-kwh battery and a range of 249 miles. A 95-kwh battery version will also be made available with 470 hp and 524 lb-ft of torque.



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