The ultimate in money moves for any car collector is to buy a hypercar that can only be used on the race track. The LaFerrari FXX K, the McLaren P1 GTR, the Aston Martin Vulcan, these are the cars that billionaires own!

Brabham Automotive’s market launch of the Brabham BT62 confirmed that the car it intends to sell to customers will be limited to track use only. As it cost north of £1 million, the Brabham BT62 joins this group of illustrious hypercars. But what if you don’t have regular access to a racetrack? Brabham have you covered.

For an additional £150,000, Brabham will make your BT62 road-legal. The road-legal Brabham BT62 conversion will be carried out by Brabham Automotive. For now, the road-legal conversion is limited to the UK market. Brabham have confirmed that they are working on a version for the Australian market and will cater to individual requests where possible.

So what could you be driving on the roads? The BT62 was announced as a no-limits, trackday tool. The finished product should prove to be exhilarating on the road considering it has a 5.4 litre V8 engine which produces 710 hp and 667 Nm of torque.

Much work has gone into weight reduction. As a result, the Brabham BT62 weighs just 972 kg. The road-legal Brabham BT62 will be heavier as the process requires installation of items the BT62 does not have as standard. Aerodynamics should also excite. Downforce totals 1,200 kg thanks to that massive rear wing.

The conversion process will necessitate raising the ride height with a front and rear axle lift kit, increasing the steering lock range, adding air conditioning, fitting door locks and immobilisers and installing additional upholstery in the interior. The car will then be assessed by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) through their IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) test.

The first road-legal Brabham BT62’s are expected to be ready for Summer 2019.

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