It’s not often that we see a tuning project based upon the BMW 7 Series. Despite this fact, German tuning house G Power have chosen the luxury barge as its latest project. The M760i to be precise, BMW’s top of the range V12 powered model!

G Power have refrained from installing one of its eponymous Supercharge systems. Instead, the performance modifications are limited to a straightforward ECU remap. The M760i leaves the factory with an impressive 610 hp and 800 Nm, after a short time in G Power’s workshop, those figures are boosted to 700 hp and 900 Nm of torque. That’s enough for a 3.4 second 100 km/h sprint and a top speed in excess of 310 km/h.

A new set of wheels are on offer too. G Power’s Hurricane RR wheels have now become its trademark. They arrive shod with larger rubber measuring 9” x 21” and 255/35 R21 on the front axle, 10.5” x 21” and 295/30 R21 on the rear axle. G Power also offer speed restrictor deletion.

The crucial question is cost though, until the end of 2018, the ECU tune will cost 2,080 euros. For the limited deletion, G Power charge a further 471 euros.

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