A drama filled race towards the end, the Hungarian GP 2018 win went to Hamilton who managed to lead from start to finish. But when his race was trouble free, behind him drama unfolded with less than ten laps to go when Bottas hit Vettel, and a few minutes later he hit Ricciardo. Both drivers managed to pass the Mercedes, with Vettel finishing second while Ricciardo finished fourth behind Raikkonen.

The top ten were 1 Hamilton; 2 Vettel; 3 Raikkonen; 4 Ricciardo; 5 Bottas; 6 Gasly; 7 Magnussen; 8 Alonso; 9 Sainz and 10 Grosjean.

Hamilton started the Hungarian GP 2018 from the lead, Bottas trailing behind him while Vettel in had grabbed third after passing Raikkonen, and having struggled to fend off a hungry Sainz.

While Verstappen had gained places after the start, his teammate Ricciardo had fallen back to P15 after being clipped by Ericsson. Then suddenly Verstappen started slowing down on lap 6/70, and the Red Bull had no power. The virtual safety car was now out.

With VSC cleared, Hamilton led the field once more, with Bottas and Vettel right behind him. The gap between the leader and the the two challengers behind him was now 7s by lap 11/70. Ricciardo meanwhile was doing an impressive job of making a comeback into the top 10.

Raikkonen was the first among the leaders to pit, doing so on lap 15, he emerged in P5 on new softs, Bottas was called in as well for some new softs and the stop was quick enough for the Mercedes driver to emerge ahead of Raikkonen. Ricciardo had impressively worked his way up to P7 after those stops.

Mercedes called Hamilton on lap 26, urging him to stop as he was bound to lose more time behind the traffic. It was a good stop for softs and he rejoined behind a yet to stop Vettel.

Vettel finally stopped on lap 40 but it was a costly stop that saw Vettel emerge in third behind Bottas. Both Ferraris indeed stopped, with Vettel taking on new ultrasofts. Bottas now had a hard task of shaking off a quicker Vettel who was on new tires.

20 laps to go and Vandoorne started to slow down, the VSC was out to help clear the ailing McLaren, shame as he was on course for P9 finish. A rare sight to see both McLarens running in the points. He blamed the retirement on a broken gearbox.

With ten laps left to go, Bottas was seriously struggling with his tires but still holding second. Hamilton had a 15s+ lead so considerably safe for the world champion. But Vettel and Raikkonen were both eating into Bottas’ troubles.

And there was contact between Bottas and Vettel as the Ferrari was trying to pass the Mercedes. Bottas fell back to fourth behind Raikkonen, there were pieces of his bodywork all over the track

And there was more contact from Bottas, this time hitting Ricciardo who eventually made it past into fourth.

Hamilton went ahead to win the Hungarian GP 2018, extending his championship lead to 24 points.

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