Infiniti’s big reveal of the Detroit Motor Show 2018 was the Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept which attempts to prevent a design vision for a future raft of Infiniti technology. The headline story is wrapped in a striking fastback sedan. We took a closer look!

Under the bonnet sits an innovative VC-Turbo variable compression ratio engine. It combines turbocharge petrol power with the torwue and efficientcy of hybrid drive by continually adjusting compression ratio. This allows the Infiniti to optimise power and fuel efficiency, using its resources more efficiently that a conventional engine would. Exact statistics have not yet been made available but it sounds very promising.

ProPilot technology indicates the development of Infiti’s next-level autonomous drive platform, set to compete with similar systems which have hit the market through Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW recently. The concept is much the same as we have already seen elsewhere with the driver retaining ultimate control of the vehicle. It will be interesting to see how Infiniti moves the concept onto the market.

We are expecting the Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept to preview a new sedan with the possibility of a pure-electric version using a Nissan designed architecture. The design is also intended to preview Infiniti’s latest approach to interior and exterior style. Infiniti’s CEO admits that some of its modern cars have been too conservative and the Q Inspiration Concept is intended to address these criticisms.


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