Not something you see every day: a pristine Ferrari Sergio being offered for sale in Europe at a whopping 6.1 million dollars. The extremely rare car is the pinnacle of collectability and therefore has only driven 118 kilometres. This particular model is the first of six cars to be produced, and also the first ever Sergio to come to the market.

The Ferrari Sergio is a 458 Italia-based car, inspired by the Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio prototype. The car rolled off the production line back in 2015, but because the final production design was so similar to the original concept, the car does not look dated by any means. The Sergio has been sold to clients scattered around the globe. The first car was sent to the United Arab Emirates, three were sold to collectors in the US, one to Japan, and one to Switzerland. The car that made it to Switzerland is currently the one for sale. The bodywork of this particular car is painted in bright yellow, with yellow callipers and accents all around the car. The interior is doused in carbon and alcantara.

Despite the Sergio being based on the Ferrari 458 Spider, it uses the more powerful engine from the 458 Speciale A. This engine displaces 4.5 litres from its screaming, naturally-aspirated V8, and consequently pumps out 597 hp. That’s enough to send the exquisite Sergio model to 100km/h in a mere three seconds. Because the car is based around the 458 Spider, the interior has gone essentially unchanged. The car was sold to its first owner for approximately $3 million back in 2015. In true Ferrari style the ultra-rare car has appreciated tremendously over merely two and a half years.

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  1. Hi Guys

    Who is telling you that the car is for sale about $6.1 Million? Thats totally wrong. You can write me an email so ill tell you how much the car is. Thank you

  2. This car looks like something I’ll sketch up and then be disgusted at how ugly it is. Then proceed to rip it up and trash it.

    6 million dollars my ass. Wouldn’t pay shit for it even if it is a Ferrari.


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