Vettel has scored his fourth win of the season today after winning the Hungarian GP 2017. For Ferrari, it was a 1-2 affair after Raikkonen finished the race in second place, leading Hamilton and Bottas. Vettel now leads the championship by 14 points over Hamilton. Raikkonen on the other hand won the driver of the day. Hamilton has to give back a position to Bottas in the final corner, the Brit finished fourth.

Hungarian GP 2017 Results
1. Vettel – Ferrari
2. Raikkonen – Ferrari
3. Bottas – Mercedes
4. Hamilton – Mercedes
5. Verstappen – Red Bull
6. Alonso – McLaren
7. Sainz – Toro Rosso
8. Perez – Force India
9. Ocon – Force India
10. Vandoorne – McLaren

The Hungarian GP 2017 started with a bang, as Ricciardo was bumped into by Verstappen moments after the start. There was more contact in the mid field involving the Haas cars and a Sauber. The safety car intervened after that shebang, but the Ferraris ahead were clear and running in P1 and P2.

“Ericsson pushed me off. What is it with that guy?” that was Hulkenberg after bumping into Grosjean. In the meantime, the Ricciardo and Verstappen incident was now under investigation.

The safety car came in on lap 5, and Vettel led the field once more, followed by Raikkonen, Bottas, Verstappen, Hamilton, Sainz, Alonso, Perez, Vandoorne and Ocon.

Verstappen received a 10s penalty for the collision with Ricciardo, while the Grosjean/Hulkenberg was also upgraded to “under investigation”. Another incident involving Alonso and Sainz was also noted. “They should not need to discuss too much. He cannot drive like that against other people,” Alonso added.

Grosjean was losing pressure on his front left tire, he was asked to pit by Haas on lap 21. The Haas stopped and was fitted with new soft tires. He was then asked to slow down and pull over as he had a cross threaded wheel nut, a potential penalty for Haas due to unsafe release.

On lap 24 Vettel’s lead was falling and now at just 2s, but the German radioed in saying he had steering problems.

“I’m stuck behind Seb now, and I’m suffering,” said Raikkonen who was just 1s behind a struggling Vettel. Bottas pitted on lap 31, and Hamilton in the following lap, they both switched to softs. Vettel also made his stop and rejoined the race ahead of both Mercedes cars.

“What the **** is this Williams doing? If he can’t see me there he should stay in the reporting,” said an angry Raikkonen referring to Di Resta. The Finn stopped and rejoined alongside Vettel, but the German held the lead. Verstappen was now in the lead but yet to stop and serve a 10s penalty as well.

Verstappen stopped on lap 43/70 where he served his 10s penalty but the Dutchman rejoined in P5, much better. Hamilton urged his team to let him pass Bottas, and on lap 45 Bottas slowed down and Hamilton passed through. He did confirm that if he failed to catch the Ferraris then he would allow Bottas back through.

Di Resta was forced to retire on lap 62 after the team discovered an issue with his car.

In the final laps, the gap between Hamilton and Raikkonen thinned but traffic made it harder for the Brit to find a way around the Finn. Vettel would then finish the race in first place to give Ferrari a 1-2 victory at the Hungarian GP 2017. Alonso meanwhile, set the fastest time of the race just before the chequered flag.

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