A select few buyers that finally received the opportunity to purchase the long-awaited 2017 Ford GT will have to wait a little longer before they can take delivery. Ford said that it had to delay the delivery of some GT’s following supplier constraints and homologation testing matters as part of a lengthy production ramp-up.

Ford sent a letter to some of the Ford GT prospect owners saying: “The craftsmanship required to build these vehicles for global markets has required that we adjust our original timing projections.”

So far Ford has not given an exact indication of how long it may take for some of the GT’s to finally get delivered. The letter did say that customers still waiting for their GT will be provided with an updated three-month projected delivery window.

Ford kicked off production of the $450,000 supercar back in December 2016 at its Markham plant in Ontario, Canada. So far the automaker has delivered around 50 GTs and plans to limit production to 250 examples per year before ultimately ceasing production in the 2020 model year.


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