Subtlety and Mansory aren’t usually part of the same sentence, but with the Mansory Bentley Mulsanne it seems like the tuner took a different approach. Especially from a distance, the customization package is hardly noticeable and serves as a true extension of the Mulsanne’s already elegant design.

Visible carbon fiber components such as the front spoiler lip, air inlet covers, side skirts and rear spoiler lip add a modest touch of sportiness to the luxury Mulsanne. The huge 22-inch multi-spoke aluminum alloy rims are an impressive finish to the overall styling package.

Apart from styling upgrades, Mansory also gave the V8-powered Mulsanne some serious extra punch. The Mansory Mulsanne delivers 585 horsepower and 1100 Nm of torque up from 512 hp as standard. A 0 to 100 km/h acceleration now takes 5 seconds flat, which is impressive for the 2.6 tonne weighing luxury coach. The top speed of the Mansory Mulsanne increased from 296 km/h to 305 km/h. A new exhaust system gives the Mulsanne a firmer growl.

On the inside customers can choose from a range of personalized options such as brushed aluminum and carbon fiber inlays to precisely hand-crafted embroidery in the floor mats and headrests.

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