Sometimes a little crazy isn’t half bad. Zarooq Motors seems to agree with that statement as they created the Zarooq SandRacer 500 GT. A mouthful that essentially boils down to a luxurious and ‘complete’ dune buggy that can do it all. After the initial design was revealed in late 2015, the SandRacer has undergone extensive testing and is now ready for production.

The SandRacer is the first production model of Zarooq Motors and has therefore received a bit of help from a seasoned professional: Mansory. Consisting of a full carbon fibre body, the SandRacer is a rear-drive, mid-engine supercar that seats two. Don’t let its unusual appearance fool you: together with the designers at Mansory, Zarooq took this car very seriously. With 525 horsepower, 660 Nm, and a 6.2 litre V8, the SandRacer can do more than just jump a speedbump. Two suspension height settings means that the driver can alter between dune buggy and luxurious supercar, with the push of a button. It has a racing-grade 5-speed sequential gearbox that will withstand even the most demanding conditions. Combine this durability with the safety aspect of having an integrated roll cage, and suddenly the SandRacer looks like an ‘all-in-one’ supercar.

On the inside the SandRacer means business too, and beguiles the passenger with a sleek digital dashboard, CarPlay compatible infotainment, and a bespoke Mansory carbon treatment. The seats, as well as the steering wheel, are fully undertaken by Mansory to ensure luxury and quality similar to most high-end supercars. Despite the rugged appearance on the outside, the inside will still provide all usual amenities for the driver, such as climate control and power windows.

The executive of Zarooq Motors was quoted saying: “All Supercars look fantastic, feature luxurious racing-inspired interiors and are exclusive high performance machines, but their common denominator is that they are suited to racetracks and certainly not designed for speed bumps. Zarooq Motors makes supercars that are unique since you can take them on a week-end track day or for a luxurious commute in the city but also on any off-road terrain, even the toughest dunes of the Arabian Desert where they were born.”

The SandRacer 500GT is now available for sale, with a limited 35-unit production run. The first models will be delivered to their customers by the end of this year, and came at a price tag of $450,000.

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