Supercar Sunday 2017 Takes Over Holland in Style

The round-up of another fantastic car event happened recently at Vredestein Super Car Sunday, on June 4th. The gathering at the TT Circuit in Assen, the Netherlands, had an impressive group of cars make an appearance, to delight the scores of fans. Unlike the conventional car meet, this one happened at a proper race track, where demonstrations, hot laps, and passenger rides were given.

Previous editions of Vredestein Super Car Sunday have featured some of the most exclusive supercars and hypercars alike – making this motoring event arguably one of the best in the Netherlands. This year was no exception and lived up to the hype: the newest, fastest, and rarest cars from producers over the globe showed up once again.
Amongst the mad rally were: a stellar white Lamborghini Huracan Performante, an equally pristine Aventador S, and two Bugatti Veyron’s from the popular DutchBugs, one of which was the rare WRC Edition. One of the only 35 Mclaren P1 GTR’s was present too in a full chrome finish, alongside its little sister, the ‘regular’ P1. In fact, the entire holy trinity was present for fans to enjoy, with multiple Porsche 918’s and a Ferrari LaFerrari, as well as the LaFerrari Aperta!

As if all this wasn’t enough, PACE Germany supplied the event with two Koenigsegg Agera RS’ – one of which is the stunning matte grey Agera RS prototype. A rare Tramontana R turned up too alongside a unique SLR Stirling Moss. I think you get the point by now; practically every modern-day supercar you would want to see at an event showed up. From 675LT’s to the 911r, the AMG GTr or DB11, and multiple F12 TDF’s. Clearly Assen was the place to be on Sunday for any supercar enthusiast!

Those who think that this legendary line-up of cars was there to merely entertain the eyes of visitors, are sadly mistaken. To the delight of any car enthusiast, the event also held a supercar rev-battle. Passenger rides were also given in the supercars, but for those wanting to step it up a notch, DUO Racing gave passengers rides in a modified formula 1 car. Besides several parade laps fans cheered on to dragraces and hotlap sessions.

Photos by Mick Kock and Keno Zache



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