A painful ordeal, that’s what this must have been to the owner of a brute Brabus G500 4×4². This week, a sleek black 4×4² flipped to its side in London after an unfortunate collision with a Toyota Prius. Yes, a Prius took down a Brabus 4×4². They really weren’t kidding when they said that electric cars will take over the streets in the near future.

As if losing your monstrous Brabus off-roader to a Prius wasn’t demeaning enough, the accident also took place on London’s famed Sloane Street. The epicentre of supercars in the British capital, crowded with car spotters and owners of those very cars. How the accident happened isn’t 100% clear yet, various sources say the G500 ran a red light, and from the damage on both cars, it appears that the Brabus owner slashed the front of the Prius, leading to its upending. Fortunately however, both drivers were reported walking away from the crash, without major injuries.

The prius, although lacking a front bumper and having its airbags deployed, could still drive. The 4×4² will probably be written off, or in best case scenario, return as a Cat D.

Photo Credits: adam_shah_, cars_neilcruickshank

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    • happens quite often actually, especially with suv’s, the scary part is how weak said roof structure on the mercede’s/brabus is for such a simple flip onto it’s side.


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