New spy shots of the 2018 Mercedes-Benz G-Class have surfaced. The iconic luxury SUV is famous for its virtually unchanged exterior after 38 years of production. Later this year Mercedes-Benz plans to introduce the new G-Class.

The new G-Class is said to get a more meaty body and grow 10 centimeters in width. The increase in body proportions comes with a wider track, electro-mechanical steering and an independent suspension system at the front axle. Additionally the introduction of electro-mechanical steering on the G paves the way for a range of the brand’s latest safety and driver assistance systems.

Visually the SUV’s boxy exterior will remain pretty much unchanged, like it always has over the past decades. The big changes to the new G-Class are the ones that are not directly visible. Mercedes’ lightweight body research is starting to pay off, a hefty 200 kg will be shaved off the G’s weight thanks to the use of lightweight materials.

Standard powertrains come in the shape of the new in-line six-cylinder diesel (300 horsepower) and petrol (360 hp) engines. The powertrain is likely to be matched to the very capable 9G-TRONIC automatic gearbox. Once the standard G-Class has hit the market we can expect a G 63 variant shortly after. Powered by the mighty V8 Biturbo engine, the new G 63 should produce just below 600 hp.

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