Akrapovič is the undisputed world leader in aftermarket exhaust systems. Not only does the Slovenian exhaust manufacturer deliver its uncompromising products to tuning companies and third parties, it also supplies to some of the world’s largest car manufacturers.

The world leader in exhaust systems originates from the Yugoslavia era and made quite a name for itself in the past couple of decades. Everyone knows the iconic Akrapovič Aventador exhaust or has heard the fruity soundtracks delivered by the metal it designed for a wide range of sports cars, from the latest AMG’s of Mercedes to the most capable M power cars of BMW.

The latest symphonies of Akrapovič are now also available straight from the manufacturer. Take the new Volkswagen Golf R for example, where the Akrapovič exhaust system is offered as an option. Needless to say things are going well for Akrapovič, and if you have ever wondered what lies at the heart of the brand’s success you can now see it for yourself.

In a set of videos that Akrapovič recently published the brand tells you about its heritage and values. More importantly, it gives viewers a sneak peek of what goes on behind the curtains and shows what it takes to be the world leader in exhaust systems. Go check it out!

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