For those of you that are familiar with the BMW line up, this is a simple one. For those of you that are not, it is a little more convoluted. The BMW M4 is what was the BMW M3 with two doors, the M3 became an M4 with a set of rear door and hips Shakira would lie for. Then the M4 Compeition Pack rolls in with its multi-spoke wheels, stiffer suspension and just a little more edge, balance and control than the bog standard M4. Still want more? Good – there’s an M4 CS for that, which is even more potent and ‘focused’. Pull out the rear seats, stuff in a roll cage, more power, some orange accented aero, a raspy exhaust and a water tank in the boot that powers the water injection and you have an M4 GTS, the track special RS fighter if you will. Very good BMW, a wide spectrum of cars for an array of sports coupe fans. A smudge over 800 were rolled out and are commanding hefty premiums over list prices all over the planet despite never really receiving glowing review or warm welcomes from the media. You would have thought that was that after the 803 cars were delivered. You would be mistaken.

BMW won the DTM Championship last year and to celebrate pushed the green light at the factory and added 200 more GTS’ to its basket. The M4 DTM is an M4 GTS with a different name, some fancy stickers and a couple of canards stuck on the front bumper. To my eyes it looks mega in its stripes and dark wheels, to yours, maybe not so much. These cars are extremely rare, particularly in right hand drive making them extremely hard to come by. Chances are those that got their mitts on one from BMW will have reams of other cars, possibly even a GTS, and leave their DTMs rest and appreciate.

A right hand drive UK supplied car has popped up for sale at supercar specialists Romans International. This hardcore speed junky would have cost the first owner 148,500 euros around £135,000. You’ll have to be serious about owning the car before Romans utter a price, but I would expect the car to warrant a 10-20% premium. Love it or hate it, it’s a special machine. Happy buying!

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