One-off Ferrari F12tdfDSKL Revealed – Tribute to 250 Lusso Competizione

Well known Ferrari collector David Lee recently took delivery of this stunning looking one-off Ferrari F12tdf. The Ferrari enthusiast teamed up with the Italian supercar brand to create the F12tdfDSKL, a tribute to the 1964 Ferrari 250 Lusso Competizione.

The one-off F12tdf greatly articulates the design traits of 250 Lusso rally and racing legend. Of course David Lee owns both masterpieces, making for a great picture together. The yellow F12 comes with the characteristic Italian flag stripe down the middle, black accents and custom rims that somewhat resemble those of the 250 Lusso Competizione.

It also comes with a special one-off badge, special branding in the carbon fiber plated door sills, and a blue Alcantara interior. Surely it will feel right at home in the unique collection of prancing horses that David Lee has managed to collect over the years!



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