Don’t have the money for a $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador? This is one of the options you have if the V12-powered Italian supercar is slightly out of your budget: a Lamborghini Aventador replica.

This specific replica is for sale at ‘just’ $55,000, and for that money its creator even threw in some sharper and more strongly sculpted design lines. It’s based on all GM components fiddled into a GTO Pontiac frame. Powering the eccentric looking white sculpture is a new LS1 5.7-liter crate motor that is still under GM warranty.

Tied to the ‘vette’ engine is a 4L60E automatic transmission and the final package also includes a sophisticated climate control unit. According to the seller Tony, the replica supercar has everything you need really. This includes a speedometer that goes all the way to 200 mph, just for show of course.

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  1. In all seriousness, is there any person/business that is actually making solid quality replicas for sale that are not scams or a complete waste of time and energy. I can’t seem to find even one actual honest to goodness person or business that will build a replica from start to finish. If anyone out there knows of any please let me know.


  2. Hi I’m John Freeman I would like to buy on a trade right now for a 2012 Camaro SS2 and Cadillac EXT 2007 40,000 miles on the Camaro and what 209,000 on the EXC my numbers 361-215-5507

  3. There is not a single authentic replica maker I can find online. NOT EVEN ONE.


    If anyone knows it’s a replica you will get laughed at like a fool. Everyone will call you a poser and a loser. Look at the fake pretender ! Look at his phony car ! HA HA HA HA !

    That is why I do not understand why ANYONE would get a replica without a V-12 engine and authentic external parts.

    I will not pay $50.000 to drive an exotic with a go-kart engine. Better you buy a low end luxury car than the replica’s I’m seeing online.

    You can clearly see they are all fakes. Even those who do not know Ferrari’s and Lambo’s know that something just does look right and when they hear a V6 engine – or even a V8 – they will know something doesn’t sound right either.

    Superreplicas is a SCAM , the replicas for sale online are a joke, my budget is $80k – 90k – and still I cannot find ONE replica maker to build the real deal.


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