Over the past few months it has become evident that many start-ups and non-traditional automotive manufacturers alike have been trying to enter the market for electric cars and get a stronghold now the electric car more and more is becoming a viable option. We recently came across the ‘Lucid Air’, another one of those companies that you’ve probably never heard of but has serious and concrete plans for the growing EV market.

The concept of the Lucid Air electric sedan is quite similar to that of Tesla Motors. A four-seat performance sedan packing a serious punch and plenty of driving range to make it an interesting option for those looking for a ‘cleaner’ daily driver.

Lucid Air have worked on developing a durable battery for about 10 years. The result is a battery that supplies an approximate 1,000 horsepower and 400 miles of driving range. The Lucid Air electric sedan is further equipped with all kinds of tech and futuristic add-ons. Take the striking self-adjusting LED headlights for example, they utilize thousands of so called micro-lenses and save up to 50% of energy compared to conventional LED lights.

The Lucid Air is also packed with a range of autonomous driving and assistance systems, which will be continuously updated via over-the-air software updates similar to those of Tesla. The minimalistic interior also promises to be one big tech fest judging from the renders. The absence of buttons hint at touch control only, and the entire system is also said to be voice-controlled.

Besides all the gadgets, we have to say that the interior in general looks quite promising. In particular the rear seats, which can fold back into a 55-degrees stand providing optimal comfort. We also see how the car’s windshield extends into the roof, giving the interior a spacious and airy vibe. The exterior of the Lucid Air features sharp design lines and boasts a futuristic yet luxury character.

For now it’s unclear when the Lucid Air will hit the market, but we will be the first to let you know when it does. The price the brand new EV manufacturer plans to tag on its car is approximately $52,000. Not bad right?

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